Corporate: Start-up and  closure, reform and business advisory.

Our office provides services in all areas of corporate character, both in terms of the creation of a society, as during its term and the various reforms that you want to make these. Thus, the formation of a company will depend on the needs of each client in each case and economic activity to be undertaken. We specialize in creating corporate and commercial law, which aims to guide the client in choosing the best type of society according to the business that you want to perform. Some corporate types are:

a) Sole proprietorship limited liability (EIRL).
Created by Law 19,857 published on February 11, 2003, establishing this kind of company who will provide your business with no other partners and limiting their liability to the amount of their contribution, made as capital of the company.

b) Company Limited.
This type of company is born with the Law No. 3918 of March 7, 1923, is the most widely used until today, can be formed by two or more partners and a limitation of their liability to the amount of their contribution Any reform requires the consent of all partners. It can be administered by any of the partners or through an agent other than the partners.

c) Open and Closed Corporations.
Corporations have their origin in Law 18,046 published on October 22, 1981, in these the partners' liability is limited to their action or actions the socio any. One of its main features is that it is administered by a Board of Directors, in accordance with the provisions of the same law, and decisions are taken by the Shareholders in accordance with the provisions of the statutes.

e) Corporations or SpA
Stock companies or SPA originate 20,190 law published in the Official Gazette on June 5, 2007, this type of company was created to complement the shortcomings that may have other types of companies. Establishing that can constitute a single partner, your liability is limited to the amount of his share or shares, has delivered free administration to the will of the partner or partners. It has tax advantages for the partner who manages the company and is not intended to limit the 60 UF can perceive the managing partner of the company. This type of company is recommended for SMEs who want to start their business because it provides great freedom in general.

Incorporation by foreign
The incorporation of companies by foreign citizens is ideal for those who, not being Chileans want to be representatives of companies in which they have an interest. Additionally, we represent non-residents or that his visa not allowed to work in Chile, according to law.

Constitution of other types of companies and legal persons.
Although less preferred, civil societies, commercial, in limited and other legal entities can also be formed according to the will and needs of the client.

Changing societies
We offer as a service, so illustrative only the following: reforms of statutes, change or extension of rotation, change of name or corporate, capital gains, exit or Partner (transfer of rights), change of director of the company, administrator change SpA, Manager SA change, change of representative Limited Liability Company, appointing additional EIRL manager, shareholder meetings, board meetings, share transfer, change of directors, corporate dissolution, incorporation of constraints the powers of the representative transformation of societies and all other needs that your company requires.

Our office advises comprehensively in order to make your business successful since its inception, and that is consistent with our legal system.

Our value proposition is to provide a legal, economic and accounting simultaneously.