Advising and drafting of deeds and contracts.

Our Office provides professional advice on the drafting of contracts and their settlements, both those of usual embodiment, as more complex contracts that are not within the common classification that is based on the will of agreement between the parties. Our attorneys advise clients seeking effects that entails signing any type of contract, as well as creating and writing conventions according to the needs of each client. Some of these are:

I. Lease contracts for the provision of services, or other fees.
II. Assignment of rights (claims, actions, trademarks, etc.), assignment of right of inheritance.
III. Wills, open or closed.
IV. Transactions on food, judgments or other.
V. Franchises.
VI. Purchases, real estate.
VII. Civilians mandates.
VIII. Construction contracts, leasing, foreign investment, mortgage, joint venture, among others.

Our value proposition, unique perspectives to offer economic, financial and legal simultaneously.