Mission: To provide expert legal advice to our clients and their businesses or conflict; dedicating a constant service, personalized and excellence, to provide economic value added by the opportunity, performance and reliability.


Vision: To be  Office´s reference in the  Chilean legal assistance, to provide specialized legal advice of the highest professional and ethical standards to its customers, both domestic and foreign, and to be recognized as a model study on service delivery innovative legal. Always aspiring to get full confidence of our clients.


      Ethics: We have adopted the code of ethics of the Bar Associations of Chile.

      Bias: Always, we on behalf of our Client.

      Efficiency: We grant and, always, the best cost / benefit to our client.

     Confidence: always adopt commitment to make available to our client's expert opinion,regardless of the diversity and complexity of its business and   conflict, backed by the knowledge and experience with high level of competitiveness.